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New CT Dates Announced

CT provides a welfare friendly way of assessing the total muscle, fat and bone yield in a live sheep. This near perfect predictor of carcase composition can also be used to measure the muscling in different parts of the carcase, such as the rib, loin and gigot. Read more here

Genetics of lamb survival - Webinar 27th March 2020

Dr Forbes Brien is an Associate Professor with the University of Adelaide and an expert on the genetic influences on lamb survival, as well as research for the Australian wool industry on breech strike. He has also spent several years studying the impact of selection for growth and carcase traits upon the fatness of ewes and the resulting impact on their reproductive performance.

A Webinar will take place at 10am on Friday, 27th March to cover these topics.  

Click here to book onto the Webinar

RamCompare project delivers new Breeding Values for carcase traits

For the first time in the UK, ram breeders will have access to breeding values that focus on traits rewarded further down the supply chain, including primal weights of the loin and haunch and meat tenderness.  

RamCompare Year 3 Results

AHDB news release  New Estimated Breeding Values to help improve results The value of investing in a ram with the right genetic merit for your system has been highlighted in results from the third year of the RamCompare project. The project has identified that commercial producers can identify the most profitable rams for their production system by using Estimated Breeding V ...

Centurion Group Sale Report – April 2019

Monday 8th April saw the first ram sale of 2019 at Sedgemoor Auction Centre on behalf of The Centurion Group of Dorset Breeders. The sale offered 32 MV accredited, Signet recorded Dorset breeding ewes and rams. The sale was preceded by the “Selection Day event” when the best ram presented is chosen by secret ballot. It used to be that this ram was then “bought” as the Group ...

Using Saliva IgA to select sheep genetically resistant to parasites

Using Saliva IgA to select sheep genetically resistant to parasites Gastro-intestinal roundworm infection can have a significant impact on lamb production and the ability to select sheep that are more genetically resistance to roundworms is a useful tool to combat this health challenge. For several years, breeders have selected breeding animals on the basis of their low fae ...

Romney High-Index Scheme: iSAGE Project November 2017

The Romney High-Index Scheme (RHIS) members have been involved with an EU project looking at parasitic phenotypes on new and introduced sheep breeds. The project has been part funded by Innovation for Sustainable Sheep and Goat Production in Europe (iSAGE) and AHDB Beef & Lamb. It has led to the first widespread collection of individual faecal egg counts (FEC) and saliva I ...

First RamCompare results announced at sheep conference

Three new estimated breeding values (EBVs) have been generated as a result of a major industry sheep breeding initiative which will help commercial producers to select rams which have the best potential to produce progeny that are more likely to meet market specification. Preliminary results from the RamCompare project were released to the industry at the Sheep Breeders’ Round ...

Top prices at Signet Recorded Welsh Mountain Sale September 2017

The Welsh Mountain Breeding Group’s 5th annual sale of Signet recorded rams took place near Aberystwyth last Thursday. The top priced Improved Welsh shearling, bred by E O Williams, Upper Wenallt, Talybont on Usk sold for £2150 to T & C Jones, Gwynfe. Sired by a ram from fellow group members TC & AJ Tyne, Pwllheli, he had an Index of 239, which put him in the top 5% of ...

Scanning lambs at younger ages

Samuel Boon, Signet Breeding Services and Janet Roden, Independent Geneticist – October 2016 The use of ultrasound scanning to measure muscle and fat depth in Signet recorded flocks has been one of the great success stories of the last 30 years. The scanning services provides proxy measures for body composition in sheep breeding programmes designed to enhance carcase yield a ...