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Russell & Rhys Edwards, Hendre-Ifan-Goch Farm, Bridgend

This father and son team are enthusiastic to see how the progeny from each sire compare and enjoy analysing the data retrieved from both the farm and the abattoir to ensure they are running an economic, profitable enterprise.

  • 101ha hill sheep farm with 550 ewes, mainly white faced mules crossed to terminal sires
  • Lambing indoors from early March, all lambs are fully recorded
  • Lambs finished from grass using high sugar leys, keeping costs to a minimum
  • Daily live weight gain is regularly monitored

Key finding: “Having been involved for just one year it is clear to see that selection of rams based on EBV figures can maximise margins tailored to our sheep system with no extra work. All our lambs are treated as one large group. Weighed fortnightly, it is interesting to monitor which progeny groups excel. We are keen to see how this season’s lambs perform.” Rhys Edwards.