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Beef Breed Society Projects

Beef Breed Society Projects

Signet is always interested in new ways of working with breeders and Breed Societies, with our online data collection platform providing a number of new opportunities to deliver recording services to breeders at a price that is affordable. 

Through our online services we can provide breeders with:-

  • Birth notification services - through which the data can be transferred straight to the Breed Society
  • Weight recording services
  • Access to an online census
  • A directory of breeders - via "Herd Finder" to highlight your nearest herd 
  • Free inbreeding software
  • Full reporting services for performance recording herds
  • Direct access to "Cattle for Sale" and cataloguing services

By working with Signet, a Beef Breed Society can provide pedigree breeders and commercial bull buyers with open access to breeding values (and inbreeding values) for every animal in the database, making their ancestry and genetic merit accessible to all. 

Our flexible recording services mean it is easy for clients to get involved as and when they wish. 

The Sussex Cattle Society and the Lincoln Red Society are already using these services.