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Computed Tomography

CT provides a welfare friendly way of assessing the total muscle, fat and bone yield in a live sheep. This near perfect predictor of carcase composition can also be used to measure the muscling in different parts of the carcase, such as the rib, loin and gigot.

Why CT scan your lambs?

  • CT scanning will increase the accuracy of Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) produced for growth and carcase traits.
  • Where CT measures prove an individual or family to be genetically superior their indexes and EBVs will increase.
  • CT images can be used to assist the marketing of recorded rams.


Computed Tomography

Information about CT Scanning

Breeding for Gigot Shape

Information about the Gigot Muscularity EBV

New EBVs from CT Scanning

Measuring spine length and IMF%

CT Scanning Dates and Locations for 2022

  • 25th – 29th April – Edinburgh
  • 5th – 6th  May  - Stratford-upon-Avon livestock market
  • 18th – 20th May – Edinburgh
  • 30th – 31st May - Edinburgh
  • 30th June – 1st July - Stratford-upon-Avon livestock market
  • 5th - 6th July – Edinburgh
  • 25th – 29th July – Edinburgh
  • 15th – 19th August  – Edinburgh
  • 24th - 25th August – Aberystwyth
  • 12th – 16th September – Edinburgh
  • 21st - 22nd September  - Tiverton


Please note: All dates are subject to covid restrictions and guidance at the time. Social distancing will always be in place. Breeders will be asked to drop off their lambs at the scanner and return to their vehicles until the lambs have been scanned and are fit to return home.


Please note that the mobile scanner will be provisionally booked for these dates but, as usual, we need to have a minimum of 100 lambs over 2 days for each scanning session with the mobile scanner. Numbers at Edinburgh are more flexible. Please note, any eligible breed can be scanned on any of the dates above providing SRUC is notified in advance. Contact Kirsty McLean to enquire Email: [email protected]

CT Scan Charges

CT scan charges are normally subsidised by the relevant bodies in England, Scotland and Wales.

Unsubsidised charges are as follows:

  • Edinburgh – £73/lamb
  • Mobile Site – £99/lamb

Lambs withdrawn within 10 days of the scan date will be charged at the full unsubsidised rate.

AHDB funding in England in 2022

AHDB are keen to support performance recording flocks based in England that wish to use SRUC’s CT scanning service.

AHDB will provide a support payment to SRUC of £55/lamb to support CT scanning services. Breeders can chose to take their lambs to Edinburgh or go to one of the mobile venues set up by SRUC.

Eligibility for CT support is as follows:

  • Funding is only available for ram lambs
  • Each lamb must be fully performance recorded (with an 8 week and scan weight held on file) and with known parents
  • Breeders must send a minimum of 5 ram lambs per flock (with a selection of sires represented); funding is limited to a strict maximum of 8 lambs per flock.
  • Funding in 2022 will be restricted to the following breeds; Beltex, Blue Texel, Charollais, Hampshire Down, Meatlinc, Shropshire, Southdown, Suffolk and Texel
  • Breeders must be based in England
HCC funding in Wales in 2022

In 2022 HCC will pay 50% of the CT cost per ram lamb with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 20 lambs per business/flock. The breeders must be based in Wales.

QMS funding in Scotland in 2022

In 2022 QMS will pay for 50% of the CT cost per ram lamb with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 lambs per flock/business. The breeders must be based in Scotland.

The SRUC CT unit are more than happy to scan additional lambs for any flock, so please do discuss your requirements with Kirsty McLean; email: [email protected] or telephone: 0131 535 3250 / 3251

Are your lambs eligible for CT scanning and the relevant subsidy?

  • A minimum of 5 lambs from each flock is required to allow evaluations to be as accurate as possible.
  • Only male lambs are eligible for subsidy but we are happy to scan both males and females
  • Lambs must be starved for a minimum of 4 hours before scanning
  • Ideally lambs should be back-fat scanned before they come for CT and a selection of sires should be represented in the group of lambs you bring for CT scanning.
  • Lambs should be around 40kg weight at CT
  • Mobile sites have been booked for a minimum of 2 days at each session. We must have 50 lambs per day, booked in for scanning, to enable a session to go ahead
  • Lambs withdrawn within 10 days of the scan date will be charged at the full unsubsidised rate

To book your place, or to enquire about CT scanning your lambs, contact Kirsty McLean

Tel: 0131 535 3250 / 3251  Email: [email protected]

Click here to read the latest leaflet from SRUC detailing the CT scanning services they offer both in Edinburgh and with their new mobile scanning unit.