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Getting started

Signet's Sheepbreeder Service

Sheepbreeder is a performance recording service for sheep producers.

Through the analysis of pedigree and performance records a range of Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) and Breeding Indexes are generated to help sheep producers identify genetically superior rams and ewes.

What Do I Get From Performance Recording?


  • Updated breeding reports providing EBVs for the entire flock
  • Stationery on which to record pedigree and performance data
  • Inclusion in listings of the top stock sires and ram lambs within the breed
  • Access to ultrasound scanning services and for some breeds the use of CT scanning services.
  • Entry to Signet recorded ram lamb classes at shows and sales
  • Inclusion in regional directories of recorded flocks
  • For the majority of Signet recorded breeds, performance and pedigree data hosted on the internet.

Signet EBVs are now available online

  • Breeders can use the site to print off genetic information to promote their stock
  • Commercial ram buyers and pedigree breeders are actively using this site to source rams.

How Do I Start Recording?

It is easy to start recording your flock:

  • Contact Signet for an application form and contract either by email or by calling 0247 647 8829
  • Obtain a copy of the Sheepbreeder fees and complete the contract based on the number of ewes in your flock
  • Return your contract to Signet and we will send you the relevant paperwork to collect details of the stock rams and ewes in the flock.

For each breeding ewe and ram Signet needs to know their identity (ear number), sex, date of birth (year of birth if not known), breed, sire identity and dam identity.

Flocks that are joining later in the year should also submit lambing information for lambs that have already been born and eight week weights for these lambs.

How Do I Get Online?

Central to your ability to use Signet's new services is the ability to log in; whether that is to submit data or produce reports. 

The Signet database has moved to From the home page clients can log into their account by heading to “Member Access” in the top right of the screen.

The first time clients log on, they will need to set up a password. This can be done by following the following steps to reset their password – which is also what you will need to do if you forget it.

1). Go to
2). Click “Member Access” and then click “Login”

3). Enter your email address as your user name. Important: You must use the same email as the one currently used by Signet.
4). Click “forgotten password”

5). A screen will appear prompting you to ask for your password to be re-set.

6). An email will be sent to your email account with a link that will last for up to 24 hours. This link will enable the user to re-set their password. 


Once you have logged on, you will find further insturctions here


Any problems - drop us a line [email protected]