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Recording lambing ease

Traits influencing lambing ease have a genetic component and Signet breeders now have the opportunity to record both lambing ease and birth weight

Scores relate to each lamb – so two lambs can have different scores. If you are unsure as to whether a lambing event has been assisted, leave the record blank. Blank scores are interpreted as “no score” rather than “no difficulty”. Score as many lambs as possible, including dead lambs.

Scores are as follows:

1 = no assistance
2 = slight assistance by hand
3 = severe assistance
4 = non-surgical veterinary assistance
5 = veterinary assistance, surgery required/caesarean section

Recording Birth Weight

The birth weight of a lamb will influence how easily it is born.

Lambs should be weighed with 24 hours of birth. Weights should be measured, not estimated.

Breeders should weigh lambs in kilograms, ideally to the nearest 0.1kg). Breeders weigh lambs in various ways, with many using a clean bucket attached to hanging (luggage) scales.

More information is provided in our fact sheet Recording Lambing Ease and Birth Weight