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Getting started

Signet's Beefbreeder recording service

Beefbreeder is a performance recording service for cattle producers.

Through the analysis of pedigree and performance records a range of Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) and Breeding Indexes are generated to help beef producers identify genetically superior bulls and cows.

It is easy to start recording your herd:

  1. Contact Signet for an application form and contract either by email or by calling 0247 647 8829
  2. Obtain a copy of the Beefbreeder fees and complete the contract based on the number of cows in your herd
  3. Return your contract to Signet and we will send you the relevant paperwork

Breeders will need to supply details of the calves born within their herds over the last 12 months to get their herds set up on the database. 

Champion Sussex Bull

What Do I Get From Performance Recording?

  • Updated breeding reports providing EBVs for your entire herd
  • Stationery on which to record pedigree and performance data
  • Inclusion in listings of the top stock sires and promising young bulls within the breed
  • Access to ultrasound scanning services
  • Entry to performance recorded bull classes at shows
  • Performance and pedigree data hosted on the internet.