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Farm Event - Grazing and genetics to capitalise on flock performance from grass

Join us for a meeting to showcase the progress of the RamCompare and GrasscheckGB projects and how they contribute to efficient livestock production. This event is kindly hosted by Alwyn Phillips, who has supplied rams to the project since its inception in 2016.
To book your place at this free event please email [email protected]

RamCompare Case Study - Dupath Farm

Dupath farm has been part of the RamCompare project since 2017. Ewes are lambed indoors in March before being turned out into grass paddocks as part of a rotational system, lambs are finished from grass from mid-June. In 2023 lambs were sired by Hampshire Down, Shropshire, Suffolk, Meatlinc, Texel and Charollais rams, with a large number of Charollais on test this year. This included recent top-performing genetics compared against sires born over 40 years ago using semen that has been stored for many decades.

RamCompare Year 8 Breed Reports

Latest breed reports from the RamCompare project the UK’s commercial progeny test for terminal sires. To date we have slaughter data included from 468 rams from 17 different breeds, collecting data from over 44,000 lambs in one of the largest trials of its kind.