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Adrian and Lyn Coombe, Dupath Farm, Cornwall

  • The sheep enterprise form part of the 154ha mixed farm alongside Barley, Potatoes and 180 Dairy Beef cattle
  • 380 North Country Mules and 120 ewe lambs graze permanent pasture and improved grass leys, the majority of his ewes are now provided for the RamCompare trial
  • Lambing indoors in March, lambs are fully recorded and weighed regularly post weaning
  • Rotational grazing is used where possible with weaned lambs utilising silage aftermath
  • All lambs are finished from grass and sold deadweight.

Key finding: “The RamCompare project has given us a better understanding of EBV’s and their importance when selecting rams as a terminal sire. Having trialled five different breeds in the first year, it has certainly opened our eyes to selecting rams based on EBV’s and not just by breed.” Adrian Coombe.