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Hutts Farm - High genetic merit rams enhance carcase value

Hutts Farm, Yorkshire - High genetic merit rams enhance carcase value

The genetic merit of the rams used on Mark Exelby’s May lambing flock explain a lot of differences observed in lamb carcase weights on this forage-based, organic enterprise. 

The top three sires this year were Texels, with Callerton Bugatti SRC1800618, provided by the Hobbs family Elkstone flock, coming out on top for overall carcase weight and ranking highly for carcase conformation; with his progeny getting the highest proportion of E and U-grade carcases. Bugatti sits in the top 5% of the Texel breed for carcase attributes – largely due to his extreme muscling, with a Muscle Depth EBV in the top 1% of the breed.

Progeny by this sire would be worth nearly £5/lamb more than the flock average at Hutts Farm, though lambs took a little longer to finish than some of the rams on test. Bugatti was a last-minute addition to this year’s test, following the withdrawal of a nomination. For the Hobbs family and Hutts Farm, this proved extremely fortuitous.

The value of recorded rams at Hutts Farm
• Top sires for carcase merit = Generated an extra £4.95/lamb
• Top sires for days to slaughter = Reduced finishing time by 11 days

Key message
Selecting rams with the right genetics to lift carcase weights can enhance flock profitability.