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Dupath Farm - Benefiting from increased carcase weight

Adrian and Lyn Coombe, Dupath Farm, Cornwall

Large differences in days to slaughter were observed in Adrian and Lyn Coombe’s March lambing flock, with a Meatlinc sire from Clive and Jenny Richardson producing the fastest finishing lambs.  Two more Meatlinc rams from the same farm stood top for carcase weight, generating a 0.74kg difference in carcase weights between the progeny of these leading breeding lines and lower rated rams.

Clive and Jenny completed the hat trick and claimed the top spot for carcase conformation with one of their rams, a CT scanned ram with exceptional breeding for muscle yield and gigot shape. Over 90% of this ram’s progeny achieved R grades or better, compared to just 64% of the lambs by the lower performing rams in the group.

The net impact was a difference of £4.30/lamb between progeny groups by the highest and lowest indexing rams on the farm.


Comparing high and low performing sires for each trait

  • Lambs finished 30 days sooner
  • Carcase weights 0.74kg heavier
  • Lambs worth an extra £4.30