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Webinar and Video

These video clips have been written specifically to help Signet clients to use the new database. 

For webinars on wider genetic topics head to the link below.

Training video 1. Getting started, passwords and logging on

Training video 2. Setting up sires and entering lambing

Training video 3. Adding "Sheep for Sale" and creating catalogues

Training video 4. Adding notes and images

Training video 5. Reporting - Flock reports - PDF and Excel

Training video 6: Creating a Grassroots Export File

Training video 7: Understanding Inbreeding

Training video 8: Calculating Inbreeding Values

Training video 9: More reports for Signet clients - The Sire Summary and Ewe Performance Report


Here are a series of AHDB presentations on the subject of genetic improvement and selective breeding using Estimated Breeding Values.