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When do I submit data?

The Sheepbreeder Service relies on accurate and timely on-farm performance recording and to help breeders with this task they receive forms in a logical sequence throughout the year.


Main terminal sire breeds - Monthly evaluations

The National Terminal Sire Evaluation is extracted on the 3rd Wednesday of every month - with results published online 10 days later. The following breeds are included within the National Terminal Sire Evaluation; Suffolk, Charollais, Dorset, Meatlinc, Hampshire Down, Beltex, Blue Texel, Bleu du Maine, Vendeen, Shropshire, Southdown. It also includes data from unregistered Texels. Other breeds will be included in the future.


All other breeds

Please see the 2019 Sheep Schedule for the deadlines.


Breed Data Deadline Results published online


Breeders wishing to have their data included in Signet’s across flock evaluations must ensure data is received in a timely manner.