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The Farms

We are proud to introduce our team of nine project farms that are part of RamCompare; providing the data on which the project depends.

Four new farms joined RamCompare in autumn 2021 (two from Wales, one from Scotland and one from England). Each participant has an interest in data collection and flock recording. Through RamCompare, we will investigate which rams have the best genetic merit for their farming systems.

RamCompare is only possible due to the hard work, good will and I suspect a great deal of tolerance put into the project by these amazing commercial sheep farmers. 

Farms currently involved in the project include:-

We are also indebted to the following farmers who recorded with us in the past and the major contributions they made towards the project. We have enjoyed working with you and appreciate all of your support and hard work. 

  • Antony Pearce from Buckinghamshire
  • Sion and Claire Williams, Carmarthenshire
  • Sion Williams, Bowhill Estate, Selkirk
  • Richard Parry, Mint and Mustard Ltd, Woodbridge, Suffolk
  • Russell & Rhys Edwards, Hendre-Ifan-Goch Farm, Bridgend
  • Aurelie Aubry, AFBI, Northern Ireland
  • Philip & Charlie Whitehouse, Gloucestershire