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Database Services

Database Services

In recent years a number of breeds have approached Signet to ask if we are willing to host their pedigree database. 

This is a new area of work for Signet, but our online data collection platform does provide us with new opportunities to deliver this type of service at a price that is affordable to members - whether they are Signet clients or not. 

Signet can provide all Society members with an online:-

  • Birth notification service
  • Census update
  • Naming and simple registration service
  • Directory of breeders - via "Flock Finder" to highlight your nearest flock 

As well as access to breeding values and inbreeding values for every animal notified to Signet (subject to their breeding values exceeding a minimum level of accuracy to deem publication appropriate). 

Upgrading to full recording is easy

For Signet clients, there is the option to upgrade to fully recorded status and access:

  • Weight recording services
  • Free inbreeding software
  • Full reporting services for breeding values
  • Direct access to "Sheep for Sale" - and cataloguing services
  • And much more

Our flexible provision of services means it is easy for clients to get involved as and when they wish.