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Ultrasound scanning during Covid19 restrictions - Update 20th May 2020

In the light of changes in Government policy we are taking the first tentative steps to get staff back onto farms. We are now able to provide a service, for those clients that wish to use it and who are located within 125 miles of one of our Technicians

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New CT Dates Announced

CT provides a welfare friendly way of assessing the total muscle, fat and bone yield in a live sheep. This near perfect predictor of carcase composition can also be used to measure the muscling in different parts of the carcase, such as the rib, loin and gigot. Read more here

Sad News - Stewart Nellist

With great sadness Signet would like to share the news with Signet clients that Stewart Nellist, a key member of Signet’s ultrasound scanning team for nearly a decade, passed away on Friday 7th February after a period of ill health.

New Beef Manual: Choosing bulls for Better Returns

A new guide to Beef breeding has been compiled by Alex Brown (Beef Breeding Projects Manager) and Amy Hughes (Knowledge Exchange Manager) covering a wide range of subjects. This guide is a useful tool for anyone that is involved in beef breeding. The guide highlights the importance of breeding in any beef production system and how to select superior animals for breeding. Selec ...

Webinar: Top Tips for Buying Rams

A New Webinar has been released. Join AHDB’s Signet Breeding Specialist, Emma Steele and Fiona Lovatt from Flock Health Ltd, for a webinar giving you top tips for buying and looking after your rams, along with how to give them a ram MOT and understanding the estimated breeding values (EBV’s). Go to YouTube for more information ...

Beef Carcase Traits Project – Update Dec 2017

Work to convert AHDB and HCC funded research for abattoir derived carcase information into EBVs for beef and dairy cattle took another step closer this month, with the receipt of a new set of breeding values as part of on-going research. The striking part of this work is the sheer number of cattle that are now included in this multi-breed analysis, with over 65,000 sires with ...

Romney High-Index Scheme: iSAGE Project November 2017

The Romney High-Index Scheme (RHIS) members have been involved with an EU project looking at parasitic phenotypes on new and introduced sheep breeds. The project has been part funded by Innovation for Sustainable Sheep and Goat Production in Europe (iSAGE) and AHDB Beef & Lamb. It has led to the first widespread collection of individual faecal egg counts (FEC) and saliva I ...

Beef Feed Efficiency Programme expands across Great Britain – October 2017

Reducing feed costs can make a big difference to the bottom line of all beef businesses. Enabling farmers to do that without affecting performance is the aim of the Defra and AHDB-funded Beef Feed Efficiency Programme. So far, feed intake records from 1,200 cattle have been collected which will be used to identify the genetic differences between the sires of those animals in t ...

First RamCompare results announced at sheep conference

Three new estimated breeding values (EBVs) have been generated as a result of a major industry sheep breeding initiative which will help commercial producers to select rams which have the best potential to produce progeny that are more likely to meet market specification. Preliminary results from the RamCompare project were released to the industry at the Sheep Breeders’ Round ...

Breeding for Feed Efficiency

The Beef Feed Efficiency Programme (BFEP) launched in 2015 with a major project worth £1.75 million funded by Defra and AHDB Beef and Lamb. Click HERE to read about the main elements of the project and starting a breeding programme for feed efficiency. Anybody interested in recording the genetic merit of their cattle for feed efficiency should contact [email protected] ...