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Raburn Hampshire Down flock wins the Kelsey Trophy for most genetic gain

The Raburn flock wins the Kelsey Trophy for the Hampshire Down Flock making the most genetic progress in 2020 The coveted Kelsey Trophy, awarded to the performance recording breeder making the most genetic gain in the year, has gone to Joe and Rachel Henry and their Raburn flock for their 2020 crop of lambs. Using Signet Breeding Services performance recording, the Henry’s wer ...

Ultrasound scanning during Covid19 restrictions - Update 13th July 2020

In the light of changes in Government policy we are taking steps to get staff back onto farms.

We are now able to provide a service, for those clients that wish to use it. Contact your nearest technician for more details

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New CT Dates Announced

CT provides a welfare friendly way of assessing the total muscle, fat and bone yield in a live sheep. This near perfect predictor of carcase composition can also be used to measure the muscling in different parts of the carcase, such as the rib, loin and gigot. Read more here

Sad News - Stewart Nellist

With great sadness Signet would like to share the news with Signet clients that Stewart Nellist, a key member of Signet’s ultrasound scanning team for nearly a decade, passed away on Friday 7th February after a period of ill health.

New Beef Manual: Choosing bulls for Better Returns

A new guide to Beef breeding has been compiled by Alex Brown (Beef Breeding Projects Manager) and Amy Hughes (Knowledge Exchange Manager) covering a wide range of subjects. This guide is a useful tool for anyone that is involved in beef breeding. The guide highlights the importance of breeding in any beef production system and how to select superior animals for breeding. Selec ...

Webinar: Top Tips for Buying Rams

A New Webinar has been released. Join AHDB’s Signet Breeding Specialist, Emma Steele and Fiona Lovatt from Flock Health Ltd, for a webinar giving you top tips for buying and looking after your rams, along with how to give them a ram MOT and understanding the estimated breeding values (EBV’s). Go to YouTube for more information ...

Signet’s new genetic analysis: The National Terminal Sire Evaluation

In 2019, Signet will relaunch the genetic evaluation service provided for terminal sire breeds. Signet has spent the end of 2018 introducing the new analysis to terminal sire clients with a series of 16 breeder meetings held across the UK and hosted a public ‘Webinar’ shortly before Christmas. The new service will deliver AHDB-funded research through a multi-breed evaluation, ...

New breeding tools will help beef farmers boost profits

Five new Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) have been developed to help farmers improve profits by producing more animals that meet target specification. AHDB Beef & Lamb has developed the EBVs in conjunction with Scotland’s Rural College and Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales and these are now being released as the AHDB National Beef Evaluations. The five new EBVs are: ...

RamCompare project delivers new Breeding Values for carcase traits

For the first time in the UK, ram breeders will have breeding values that focus on traits rewarded further down the supply chain, including the primal weights of the loin and haunch and also meat tenderness. RamCompare is the UK’s commercial progeny test for terminal sire breeds. The project has assessed 138 rams from 9 different breeds over the last 3 years, collecting record ...

BRIDFA legacy to boost sheep breeders

Welsh pedigree Suffolk sheep breeders can now apply for a share of funding to boost the genetics of their flocks, thanks to the foresight of a group of pioneering breeders thirty years ago. BRIDFA was a group-breeding programme established in 1990 by a group of progressive Suffolk breeders to advance genetic gain within their flocks. The BRIDFA flock produced by this initiativ ...