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Rates of Genetic Gain Increasing

Genetic gain has markedly increased in the last 5 years according to a recent review of genetic progress within Signet’s sheep breeding programmes. Major improvement has been observed in each of the breed types recorded through Signet; namely the terminal sires, lowland maternal breeds and hill sheep.

Performance Recording during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

At the current time, Signet are not able to provide ultrasound scanning services to sheep or beef producers. This decision is under constant review and as soon as it is safe to do so on farm scanning will resume. We understand CT scanning services at SRUC are also temporarily suspended.

New services have been developed to help breeders to supply data and promote livestock that are for sale.

Finding beef data online

In the last 12 months our online reporting services for bull buyers and Signet performance recording beef herds have been completely updated.

Simple results, that are available to everyone include

  • Cattle for Sale– lists bulls, cows and semen currently available for sale
  • Latest Breed Results– providing links to the Sire Summary, Promising Young Bull List and the Breed Benchmark

Accessing New Sheep Reports and Stationery

In the last 12 months our online reporting services have been completely updated. This news item has been written to inform Signet clients about over 25 brand new reports and search tools that they can generate in real time from the Signet website.

New Cataloging Service for Sheep Clients

As part of the developments associated with our new webpage "Sheep for Sale", Signet clients can now generate their own sale catalogues. 

Swaledale Project Update - Nov 2019

North Yorkshire Swaledale Breeders’ Group unveil three year project findings How to improve lamb growth rates, carcase quality and chose rams with traits that meet consumer demand will be showcased at a meeting in Goathland, Whitby on 2 October. Findings from a three year project, formed by the North Yorkshire Moors Swaledale Breeders Group, will also look at how farmers ca ...

Using Saliva IgA to select sheep genetically resistant to parasites

Using Saliva IgA to select sheep genetically resistant to parasites Gastro-intestinal roundworm infection can have a significant impact on lamb production and the ability to select sheep that are more genetically resistance to roundworms is a useful tool to combat this health challenge. For several years, breeders have selected breeding animals on the basis of their low fae ...

Terminal Sheep Breeds Make Strong Genetic Gains

Substantial gains are being made in genetic progress for terminal sheep populations in the UK Genetic gain in recorded and unrecorded populations has increased dramatically since the initial sire reference scheme began in 1990, as demonstrated by the Terminal Sire Index (Figure 1) for Suffolk and Texel breeds. It is important to recognise that the rate of genetic gain is aroun ...

Guidelines for ultrasound scanning

Changes to the guidelines relating to the ultrasound scanning of sheep Samuel Boon, Signet Breeding Services and Janet Roden, Independent Geneticist – October 2016 The use of ultrasound scanning to measure muscle and fat depth in Signet recorded flocks has been one of the great success stories of the last 30 years. The scanning services provides proxy measures for body compos ...