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RamCompare update October 2022

We have had a busy summer collecting data from our nine commercial farms involved with RamCompare this season and it has been fun getting to know how our new farms operate as we have worked alongside them collecting 8-week weight and 12-week weight /ultrasound scanning data from their lambs. This season we are collecting data from over 5,600 lambs, from around 95 different sires. Mating plans have been confirmed and many rams now through the quarantine and being put out with ewes.  

RamCompare event at Saughland Farm, Midlothian - 15th September 2022

Innovative livestock enterprise, Saughland Farm, Midlothian, will host the RamCompare event which will involve a series of workshops covering everything from ram health to lamb grading, as well as disseminating some of the knowledge from the UK’s national progeny test, having completed its sixth year.

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Dupath Farm open day - 9th August

We are pleased to announce that our next RamCompare event is teaming up with AHDB Farm Excellence programme, hosted by Adrian Coombe, Dupath Farm, Callington in Cornwall.
We’ll be joined by Miranda Macinnes, Veterinary Surgeon at Calweton Veterinary Group; Matt Blyth, Independent Advisor from Blyth Livestock Advisory Services (BLAS); and Sam Boon, Signet Manager at AHDB.

Pioneering work shows genetic traits that makes lambs more attractive to consumers

RamCompare year six results have continued to show the correlation between Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) in terminal sires and commercial productivity in lambs.

Signet’s Shear Force research has also proven that the animal’s genes do influence tenderness and that measurements of tenderness can be used to produce breeding values.

RamCompare year 6 press release - top breeding boosts profit and productivity in commercial lambs

RamCompare uses nominated performance-recorded rams from many breeds on commercial farms across the UK. RamCompare’s year six results demonstrate how rams with key breeding traits can optimise flock profitability. In four case studies flock profitability was enhanced by £1.98 to £5.17 per lamb; with some rams producing lambs that finished several weeks earlier than others.

The full results, which report the data collected and analysed from rams with the fastest growth rates, best conformation and most valuable progeny, will be presented in an industry webinar on 19 May, which is free to attend and open to all

RamCompare Results - Webinar 19th May at 7pm

As RamCompare completes its sixth year, please join us for an update on the latest data. Participating farms across Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and industry partners, have helped to make this one of the sheep industry’s most successful research and knowledge exchange projects.

RamCompare is the national progeny test for terminal sire breeds, funded by the levy boards AHDB, HCC, QMS; supported by Agrisearch in Northern Ireland and working with partners across the food chain.

To find out more about the project results and also how you can be involved in the next phase, sign up to this free webinar.

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RamCompare Ram Nominations for 2022 are Open

RamCompare is seeking performance recorded rams and semen for the coming season.

Nominations can be made here. The closing date is 20th April 2022.

RamCompare is the UK’s commercial progeny test for terminal sires. Phase III funding has been announced which will widen the scope of the project and enable greater use to be made of abattoir data within genetic evaluations.

Antur report from Ram Compare

The Antur flock of Texel sheep, owned by Aberystwyth University Farms, was one of the founder members of the Texel Sire Reference Scheme.  This scheme, started in 1990, introduced performance recording and genetic evaluation to improve growth rate and carcass quality, characteristics of major importance for commercial lamb producers. 

RamCompare fifth year results press release

The fifth-year results from the RamCompare project reveal how rams with key breeding traits can drive productivity and optimise flock profitability and demonstrates how commercial producers can use specific estimated breeding values (EBVs) to identify rams with a high genetic potential and prove their worth when assessing financial impact.

RamCompare results 2021

Join us at 7pm on Thursday 20th May to hear the latest results from RamCompare and our plans for the future

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