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RamCompare Year 8 Breed Reports

RamCompare is the UK’s commercial progeny test for terminal sires. To date we have slaughter data included from 468 rams from 17 different breeds, collecting data from over 44,000 lambs in one of the largest trials of its kind. This enables the UK sheep industry to drive genetic improvement forward through the inclusion of commercial data in genetic evaluations.

RamCompare involves partners right along the food chain. Nominated Signet-recorded rams are taken from various terminal sire breeds and used on commercial farms in the UK.

RamCompare Results

Learn more about about the new ways Signet are are using carcase data - download here

Take a quick look at the trait leaders

  • Beltex - Leading rams based on Lamb Value - Analysis date April 2024
  • Bleu du Maine - See individual animal records, limit numbers of rams tested to date
  • Blue Texel - Analysis date April 2024
  • Charollais - Analysis date April 2024
  • Dorset - Analysis date April 2024
  • Hampshire Down - Analysis date April 2024
  • Meatlinc - Analysis date April 2024
  • Oxford Down - See individual animal records, limit numbers of rams tested to date
  • Shropshire  - Analysis date April 2024
  • Southdown - Analysis date April 2024
  • Suffolk  - Analysis date April 2024
  • Texel - Analysis date April 2024


RamCompare Nominations are Now Open - Deadline 17th May 2024

RamCompare is seeking performance recorded rams and semen for the coming season.

Nominations can be made here. The closing date is Friday 17th May 2024.

Farm recruitment - Deadline 3rd May 2024

RamCompare collects data from birth to slaughter from commercial UK farms and are on the look-out for new farms to recruit who have 300+ ewes, use EID for flock data collection, run all commercial lambs as one management group and have a fast-finishing system. If you are interested in participating and would like further information please contact me directly [email protected]

Further information and apply here 



About the author

Laura Eyles

Laura Eyles

Laura has joined the Signet team as a breeding specialist, she comes from an agricultural background having grown up on a sheep farm in Cornwall, where they keep commercial ewes and run a small flock of pedigree Charollais sheep.

Laura has a strong interest in animal breeding and genetics having studied Animal Science (BSc Hons) at Harper Adams University. During her time at Harper, she spent an industrial placement in Cumbria working for a sheep breeding company and some of our clients may recognise her from this role. Since graduating she has worked for a large cattle breeding company before joining us at Signet to lead on a number of Signet’s sheep breeding projects.