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Accessing New Sheep Reports and Stationery

Sheep Reports and Stationery – Finding the things you need

In the last 12 months our online reporting services have been completely updated.

This article has been written to inform Signet clients about over 25 brand new reports and search tools that they can generate in real time from the Signet website.

Simple results – Available to everyone

  • To find an individual animal – use Sheep Search
  • To find a breeder – use Breeder Search and to find your nearest breeder use Flock Finder
  • EBV Search enables ram buyers to select sheep for a specific breeding objective – as well as a quick way to get a complete flock’s records
  • Sheep for Sale – lists rams, ewes and semen currently available for sale
  • Latest Breed Results – provides links to Top Stock Rams, Shearlings, Ram Lambs and the Breed Benchmark and other breed specific information

Once logged on, Signet clients can also produce the following member reports

In terms of breed summary reports, clients can access:

Finally, we know that some clients value the ability to produce paper reports to record lambing, weights or census information. Signet’s new scanning reports are also now online. These reports replace the current scanning reports produced on-farm by technicians, including charts to help clients think about flock performance.

About the author

Samuel Boon

Samuel Boon

I am the Manager of Signet Breeding Services, within the AHDB.

Enthusiast on all things genetics to do with sheep and cattle and currently also supporting Bridget Lloyd in running the @RamCompare progeny test with ~18,000 lambs/annum.

I am also involved with the:-

  • Relaunch of Terminal Sire Breeding Programmes (Sheep)
  • AHDB lead for the Welsh Sheep Breeding Project run by HCC - working with Innovis, HCC and Janet Roden
  • Database design and development for this website
  • National Sheep Breeds Survey
  • Development of Carcase Trait EBVs in Beef Cattle
  • Formerly involved with the delivery of the Welsh Sheep Strategy, Northern Upland Sheep Strategy, Suckler Cow Project, Highlands and Islands Sheep Strategy

I can be followed on Twitter @SamBoonBreeding