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Richard Parry, Mint & Mustard Ltd, Woodbridge, Suffolk

  • 750ha along the heritage coast with primary cropping based around vegetable production with some combinable crops grown
  • Due to the amount of winter brassicas grown, their most abundant feed source is in the winter
  • The role of sheep enterprise is to utilise the field waste to ensure the efficient removal of volunteer weed in the following crop
  • 1200 Suffolk x Mule breeding ewes lamb March/April and are fully recorded, managed by Richard Whitney
  • Several ram breeds are used to enable a flow of lambs sold from autumn to early spring


Key finding: “We are keen to see how the progeny from different terminal sires respond to our system. We want to be able to assess which individual traits are most relevant and produce the best lambs from our enterprise. Farming in this environment with no rain for months last year was extremely difficult, we experienced an exceptionally dry season with virtually zero grass growth from May to October and this had an effect on lamb growth as experienced by many. The mild winter allowed a more favourable environment for the lambs and our final batch was sold early February.” Richard Parry.