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Serum and Saliva IgA testing


IgA testing will be provided by Biobest Labs in 2019.

The test is priced at £5.50/sample (saliva or serum). Please contact Biobest before samples are dispatched as the test is offered on the basis of prior agreement only.

Samples need to be accompanied by the Submission Form.

Please send samples to:

Biobest Laboratories Ltd
6 Charles Darwin House
The Edinburgh Technopole
Milton Bridge
Nr Penicuik
EH26 0PY

Please contact Rebecca Mearns [email protected] if you have any questions about serum or saliva IgA submissions

About the author

Emma Steele

Emma Steele

With a first from Newcastle, Emma joined the Signet Breeding Services team and quickly became a well liked and respected Breeding Consultant. 

In September she moved to the dark side, but we look forward to her rejoining us in 2020